July 17, 2012

The agenda in PDF format.

July 17, 2012
Regular Session

5:00 p.m.

  1. Discussion and/or Action – Exoneration Orders.
  2. Discussion and/or Action – Approval Final Settlement Orders.
  3. Approve Minutes, Bills, Improper Charges.
  4. Commission Mail Items/Concerns Requiring a Response.
  5. Discussion and/or Action – Opening and Awarding Bid for Pocahontas Countywide Mapping and Addressing.
  6. Discussion and/or Action – Randall Mock Estate-Barbara Mock Request to Remove Melissa Lock as Executrix.
  7. Robert Tooze and Chuck Alexander Pocahontas County Community Corrections – Discussion and/or Action-Update/Current Status Pocahontas County Day Report Center.
  8. Discussion and/or Action – Courthouse Elevator Backup System; Fumes in Elevator Control Room; and Courthouse Air Conditioners.
  9. Discussion and/or Action – Approval of Full-Time Employee for Courthouse Maintenance Department.
  10. Discussion and/or Action – Budget Revision and Resolution for 2012-2013 Unassigned (Unencumbered) Balance and Federal Grant.
  11. Lynmarie Knight Pocahontas County Water Task Force – Discussion and/or Action-Update on West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection Meeting.
  12. Discussion and/or Action – Animal Cages.
  13. Discussion and/or Action – Pocahontas County Emergency Management Position.
  14. West Virginia Counties Group Self Insurance Risk Pool – Discussion and/or Action Member Agreement and Uninsured/Underinsured Motor Vehicle Coverage Agreement.